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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Review---Big D!!

Our dear friend Tommie got married!!

Dancing Duo's

Home Group Kiddos

Fun with the Dahl's

Drop the kids off and off to Big D we go!

The grandparents were so nice and took two kids each during about a week and a half while John and I went to Dallas to visit our friends. John had been reading in Proverbs about not overstaying your welcome with your neighbor, so we were house hopping about every 2-3 days! We so loved seeing everyone and wished we had more time with everyone! It was really fun to eat with families and get to be with our Dallas family.

John spoke at our Sunday School class and to the Spanish church! How fun to hear him translated into Spanish and Russian! We reunited with our kids finally and they got to see all their buddies(or many of them!) and loved every minute!! Truly this time has been so much fun for them and they haven’t even seemed to be too “spoiled” in their actions.
As I type, we are driving through Moscow , Texas---how funny is that!!! Yep, I am typing in the truck!! Well, it’s a good use of my time, right! Gotta blog!!
During the time here Matthew has so improved in his swimming ability—he is jumping into the pool. Holding his breath, swimming a bit---this is such an improvement---before this summer, Matthew would not jump from the edge or leave the Little pool area! He has also learned to peddle on a tricycle! Mark has been swimming like a fish and has learned in one day how to ride a bike with out training wheels! The girls are swimming so well and floating too!


perrinministries said...

We're sad we missed you all. Maybe next year... or maybe you could come visit the Black Forest!?!? We're proud of you!

Laura said...

Hey John and Karen, so good to read your blog! I was wondering how you're doing. I got an e-mail from Marina this week, she said there might come a new boys' home?! You know, this morning I went to the Hermitage in Amsterdam: a collection of the real one in St. P is exhibited there: 'At the Russian court' - nice!
Did you get my e-mail about the mentor thing?
Love from Amsterdam,

The Herd said...

Laura, got your mentoring note...we heard the same from Marina...that would be cool.