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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday Week Wishes

Ok, so it's my 35th b-day this Wednesday and I have a request to make---Leave me a comment!!!
I know for some of you it will be painful to figure out how, but think of it as a gift to me for my half way to 70 mark!! Since I am in Russia, and you probably are not, it's too far to send a card---and have it arrive by this week--it takes 3 weeks to get anything it's an easy way for you to make my day or week!!
You may leave a scripture, a thought, a wish, a memory of you and I together, or just whatever thing you would like to say...make sure you sign your name so I know who left the note---

Here's to my 35th b-day week---

Birth facts---
If I would have been the first child, I might have been the last--haha--yep, I was not so easy of a young child! Hmmm...Imagine that!!

I made my mom miss her lunch and breakfast, I think, b/c of what time I was born!! 1pm

I received the middle name Lorraine, and not Elizabeth---if I was born one day later, I would have been named differently! My G-mom on my mom's side had an anniversary in Sept. and my G-mom on my dad's side had one in October---so there was a contest!!!

My name could have been Kristen---it would have really messed my aunt and uncle up--for they would have had to come up with a different name!!

My mom was told by God to ask for me to be a girl--and Ha--I was!! Sono's were not common back then for determining what you were having!!

Okay, that's all for now!!


Nina in Portugal said...

Happy Birthday my friend!

Parabens a vôce!!

(Happy Birthday to Portuguese!)

Steve said...

Happy birth-week, Karen! Can't believe you're 35 -- that would make me 32, and that just can't be right!

Ed Marcontell #71 said...

Hi Karen -- I remember clearly when I was half way to 70. Now I'm only five years away from being 70! It goes by so fast, do savor every moment! Have a great birthday week!

Love, Betty

Kay said...

Happy 35th, my friend! Weren't we just 15 a few years ago? Wow. Much has changed over the last 20 years, but our friendship has lasted anyway. Talk about the miracles of life - that anyone could stay friends after how much we all change in 20 years!

Love you so much. Looking forward to celebrating the next 35 with ya, no matter what changes!

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if I'll be online tomorrow, so...Happy Birthday! I really do hope to "see you soon." I'm still figuring out my class/orphanage schedule. In the meantime, I'm enjoying your updates!

david cox said...

Well here goes my first ever post to a blog. As soon as I'm done here, I'll probably go do some twittering (or is it tweeting?). Hope you are having a very happy birthday. We love you & look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Happy 35th! David, Laura, Elise & Mary Claire

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Karen! We love you, and we miss you!!!! One of my favorite memories of you involves when David and I got married. You were newly pregnant with Katie and not feeling well. Even though you were worried about making it through the ceremony, you still stood by my side as a bridesmaid. I never would have known you felt badly b/c you looked so beautiful and never complained. Thank you for standing by my side ever since! We all miss you! Laura

Tori said...

Sretan rođendan ti
Sretan rođendan ti
Sretan rođendan Karen
Sretan rođendan ti!

My Croatian rendition of Happy Birthday, much better in person!

Have a wonderful birthday in Russia with you friends and family!!!

Sorry I'm late!

The Herd said...

Toby KolstadSep 28
Happy birthday, Karen. I have enjoyed your Facebook posting about the land of the Czars.

Karen 'n John BullSep 28
Yea---we aren't the only land of the Czars--now!!! Thanks to someone who wants to be like the Russians were!

Cheryl Smith TredwaySep 28
Happy Birthday Karen!! You look lovely in the crown. After all you are a daughter of Royalty!! :)

Trent TimberlakeSep 28
Happy Birthday from the Timberlakes!

Kimberly Keeney MillerSep 28
Happy, happy birthday! We miss you here!

Londyn BullSep 28
happy birthday!!!! ♥

Rhonda Catlett BoxSep 28
Happy Birthday Girl!!! Be QUEEN for the day!! Hope it's fabulous!

Merrill CoxSep 28
happy birthday daughter of mine!!! i remember it all but you got one fact wrong. my mother's anniversary was in Sept not her birthday. in the words of grandma cox " i know she would have been born on my birthday (oct 3) if the doctor wouldn't have insisted on inducing her only one week late" i also remember singing to you "if you had been first you could have been last." most of the time it was during the middle of the night. as i remember it, you didn't sleep through the night till after your 4th birthday. come to think of it , stephen slept thru the nite before you. i asked the doctor one time if he thought you weren't getting enough milk and he looked me square in the face and said "i think it's her personality". anyway i'm glad you weren't first or last but just where you were supposed to be. i also remember sitting at my kitchen table in Connecticutt and asking the Lord for a little girl at some time and hearing HIM tell me to ask that the next one be a girl. i did!!!!

Karen 'n John BullSep 29
I wondered about my facts--but as always, you beat me when it comes to memory!! Love ya Mom!