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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Camp Elema

This is the stage they dug up and all the trash underneath! Sergei is John's working partner.
This cleaning and demolishing part took a whole day --travel included! The guys made it home about 9 or 10 at night. John has left at 9am!!

Look at this Slugg!!! EWHHH!!!

This is a camp that Stoneworks(the organization we are under) is working on rennovating. They are using this camp for children in the summer time. The plan is to build a foundation in two places for a meeting area or two. We will keep you posted.
This campground is owned by a man who is allowing Stoneworks to use it for possibly the next five to ten years for free! So, we are improving as we use it! It used to be a camp in Russia about 20 years ago. Elema means life in Finnish. It's located in an area that used to belong to Finland, but now is a part of Russia.

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