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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My dad reminds me of my history!!

This is what my dad wrote me about our van situation.

Your statement “So, still it waits for us or maybe just God--to unlock the van in order to drive it.” reminds me of your wedding day – when the Sempe’s Lincoln was locked and Rick Watts just started punching buttons – then it opened. I guess God did it then, . . . He can do it again.


...and here's the story of what happened this morning. I wrote my dad back,

Did you mean to prophecy?? Ha…John was meeting the mechanic this morning at 10, so he got there early to the van, pushed the remote, the van unlocks, he drives it off. WHOA!! So, he cancels the mechanic and I guess we chalk it up to something was prevented yesterday??? Hmmmm.


So there you have it...the continuing saga of the Bull Herd.

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