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Friday, September 11, 2009

Random but Recent Photos!

Our friend George--over for tea & Melissa self-photo!

Boys watching the Aggies!! Katie hanging around!!

The girls on the first day of school! They are loving it!! Even with homework!!


Elizabeth said...

We know George! He and my parents go wayyyyy back. Ran into each other in St. Petersburg 10 or so years ago. He's leaving soon, though, isn't he?

Glad the girls are enjoying school! It's great that they have each other as they adjust.

I was just looking at the chords for "Revelation Song," and then there it was on your page.

Dani Joy said...

Hi! It was so good to meet you today. (cyber speaking) I think I visited your blog awhile back ´from Nina´s blog too, but not sure if I realized you were missionaries. I am so excited to get to know you and your family.

Do you homeschool? My boys and I started school last Monday and we have tons of homework, even though we homeschool. My youngest observed over the weekend by saying its all homework. So i started calling it weekend work too.

We watch football online too! We are a total football family. ;) I don´t have girls to do any girly things with. Had to get a girl dog.

Well, I will save some for later. Thanks again for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Love the posts!mary