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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Praise Reports and Report in general!

So, we arrived in Russia and we had no permanent place of our own. We were so blessed to know a temporary place to stay in until we found an apartment. Just so you know, Russia is not a big planning country---if you want to move---go look the day or week you want to move, not before!! We got here on a Thursday and went to look at our first apartment on Saturday. It was ok, it was a four room flat(every room but kitchen and bathroom is considered a room---so basically it's a 3 bedroom). The landlord lady was really nice and didn't mind having kids, but the rooms were a bit tiny and the kitchen and bathroom left some to be desired. So, I prayed--God, it's ok, but help us find one we love!!

Let me just say as "missionaries," I think we just live and get by and don't really expect to LOVE things---b/c well, they are not like what we are used to. Maybe not all people are like that when out of their own comfort zone, but I think I have been. So, I have talked with the Lord about this year being able to enjoy life and live to His purpose while doing loving it! If you wonder at this point if missionaries love every bit of what they do, maybe you should try it, then you will just "understand."

So, on the second and third apartment...wish I would have brought my camera along to show the differences, but sorry, I didn't! Monday came and our friend Nadia went with us with her roomie(our real estate agent) to translate for us and just be nice! We saw the first apartment and it was great---it was HUGE---it was only a three room, but it was so beautiful, I was ready to be ok with us living in the living room once again! It had great mirrors to get ready with and the bathroom and kitchen were super, when we went to the third apartment, John describes his feeling as...this one better be over the top to beat this last one....and guess what???? IT WAS!!

It was a four room flat and it was Gorgeous!!! Of course, let's talk money!! My first thought was...there is no way we can make this work--I didn't know prices til we walked, I am thinking we are just going to have to take the second choice.
BUT!!! He wanted a certain amount, we have one amount budgeted, so we offered what we had and he TOOK it!!! So, we signed papers and MOVED in on Tuesday night!!!! That fast!!!
These are the pros of our apartment...just some of them!

I have a drainer for my dishes above my sink--like a drying rack. (I prayed for one of these last year when praying for our apartment this year...I've included a picture.)

I have a dishwasher!!! WOW!---only the nice places have these!!
We have two enclosed balconies--that are NICE!
We have beds for all the rooms
We have a pleather couch and chair--and the couch makes into a bed--and looks cool too!
We have an entertainment center in living room.
An American style bathroom (toilet and tub in the same room) and it's large!
We have a desk and so do the girls!
The boys have a gym set in their room!!(you will have to see it to believe it!)
We even have a refrigerator that beeps when you have opened it too long!!

Can you tell---I love this place!!! God really went above and beyond!!!


Mary said...

That is so awesome! God does give us above and beyond what we expect. What a great Father He is.

The Hargrove Family said...

Woohoo! I am so excited you guys got such an amazing place! The gym is the absolute best part. When John gets on it...PLEASE send pictures!!! We love you guys!