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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Florida Miscellaneous!

 Our place that we stayed at in Florida.  We used points to cover the cost of the place---we have so many because of our Russia travels!!!
 I had the boys put together their lego we could attempt to keep it together...let me say---it's only worked with the Lego white house!!!  But, that's because it's out of reach!!
 This is my Uncle Preston...and the Kitchen Sink!  Another recommended from good ole Kristen!!  It says it feed 4 but we had all our family(minus Katie) plus John's parents and my aunt and uncle and we still didn't finish it!!!  It was heaven for my father in law Lonnie---Ice cream with no end!!
 We visited the beach---haha--it was freezing and Matthew forgot his jacket, hence the only blanket we had in the van got used!!!
We were thinking of our friend Steve when we passed the Daytona Race Track!!

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