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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Vaughn and Joel!

 Here they are playing with MY Grandmother's toys--I think they must have been my dad's or Aunt Mary's as kids!!
 We had so much fun with Joel and his memories of my dad--don't say the P-word(the p-word was PIZZA) dad said this to Joel several years ago, and he still remembers it!!
 Joel was so sweet with the girls...encouraging them in their drawing!
Our group shot #1!!
Group shot #2!

Aunt Mary is my dad's sister and she and Uncle Vaughn have always been such a sweet example of marriage and working together to me!  I love hanging with them!  They love old movies just like us!  I think of my Grandmother Hulda a lot and they often have some fun stories to share as my parents do too!
We drove by their house on our way home from Florida and they made us feel so special and loved!

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