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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Day at Disney!!!

We picked up our FREE tickets from my cousin Erin at Epcot-she works at a Japanese Restaurant there.  She was awesome---she even took us over to get a free stroller!! So, we are riding the monorail over to DISNEY-Magic Kingdom!!
 This was tinkerbell in the parade at really can't see it well in this picture but it was beautiful!
 Melissa didn't want to ride any scary rides, so she and I hung together!

 This was an airship ride....circles and me---we don't mesh...but Melissa loved it!
 We ended up going to Disney with our friends from St. Pete, Russia...the Erharts!!!
 Waiting in line wasn't too bad when we had fast passes!

 It's a small world---why do they write Goodbye in English in all the different languages...I think it's funny....why don't they write in the different languages instead of English phonics!

It is always John's goal to get in pictures!

We did go to Disney on MLK there were many many many people...I'm always amazed that I am not a crowd kind of person....I kept thinking while I was there....THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!  It's a great people watching place though, but I don't think it was this crowded when I went as a kid!!!

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Jen said...

Disney is great but FREE tickets make it even better! We loved those fast passes when we went to Disneyland this past summer. At first, Joshua didn't get the concept because he wanted to ride the ride then and not come back in 3 hours. He caught on quickly though. Looks like y'all had great family time!