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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dream a Dream...or Help a Dream!

My friend is going to India as a missionary photographer...See how you can help!  I would like to help with a her trip.  Would you consider giving a denomination of $5 to help her raise some money to go?  Even $5 from a lot of people adds up!!  If you want to give more, go for it!  Click on the link above and you can donate through paypal or for a tax receipt--you can use snail mail. 
Some of you might say, well, I just don't have anything set aside that I can give---  When money is tight, we call that life giving us, LET's make some good ole' fashioned LEMONADE!!!  Here are some ideas:
A hot chocolate or lemonade stand in your neighborhood
Sell some things you aren't using on craigslist or ebay
Make some valentine's crafts to sell
Eat beans and rice for a couple of meals & save a few bucks of grocery money to send.

Here's my plan: I'm going to see if I can sell a few things on ebay to raise some money to send-I'll keep you posted.
Let's see what we can all do to help!!


Jen said...

I feel so humbled and blessed. THANK YOU so much for doing this! This process has been so incredible for me and it means so much to have people standing behind me!

The Herd said...

I am so happy for you to go!!