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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Blog Book...for all you bloggers out there that are curious!

I am a former scrapbooker!  I have even scrapped for a store with a friend and they paid us.  It was fun, but for me, it got old fast.  I like new and changes...for the most part, I don't like to do the same ole' thing I've always done.  I didn't like to teach the same curriculum when I taught in public school or when I've taught my own kids--all my kids have done different kindergartens, 1st, 2nd--through 5th grade.  I have been blogging for a few years now and even before I knew about turning my blog into a real coffee table book, I copied it in a word was too big.  So, when I found out I could actually print it with Cutest Blog on the Block doing all the real work for me, my hubby and I decided it was well worth it.  I now have two blog books...each one holding my blog that I've written for about a year or so.  Before you watch it, you can pause the music on the sidebar.

I had a couple of missionary blogging friends that I've told about this recently, so I thought I'd share a video so you could see my book!!


Jen said...

Very cool! A lot of my friends have also used Blurb. I used to scrapbook a lot but haven't in a few years. I seriously need to do a book!

Nina in Portugal said...

Thanks so much for this video!! I'd love to do one, but am afraid they won't ship to Portugal. I guess I could have it sent to my Mom's and pick it up this summer on furlough...hmmm..that's a thought!

Anyway..thanks again!!