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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Memory Lane

I found this on facebook and walked down memory land...this is our Pastor while we were in St. Pete and our Mark.  Pastor John and Renee' really took care of their flock...for which we are truly grateful!  Our kids are doing great here in Texas, but to our surprise, our youngest asks from time to time to go back to visit everyone in Russia.  He tears up thinking of them.  He probably had the hardest time there, so, who'd a thunk it?!  We are grateful that they all look on our time there with good memories!


Jen said...

Our kids keep asking when we're going back to S. Africa. It's so hard to answer but I pray in the process that they learn more about God and following His direction.

Elizabeth said...

"Visa" misses Matthew, too. ;)

The Herd said...

Visa---we miss you but are so happy for you and your life!!!