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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Job!

So, I have two part time is part time secretary for my in laws' business...about 3 hours a week on a busy week-told you it was part time!  The other is helping John out with Bull Consulting-even more part time than the first job! My latest project for him was--- I got to color this drawing for him.  It's his layout for a community that he is designing.  I'm not a big stay in the lines kind of gal, but I tried really hard to do it for this layout.  No, this is not a paying job yet.  BUT, I did tell John that if he lands this project than I will get paid---hehe!!  I love my little job for his mom because I have some fun spending money!!  I've found a favorite store here that is nicely priced called Dressin' Gaudy...what a name...but I loved it...went to it for the first time yesterday. 

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