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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dorm visit

In Russia, kids that have been in the orphanage for part or all of their lives go to live in a "dorm" and study a vocational skill after they are of age(around 16) to leave the orphanage. Last night, I went with Lena to visit some of the first year girls that have just started their studies and have just left their orphanage. This transition is big for them...some of them are leaving long time friends.

We met some lovely girls there. They were quiet at first, but by the end, some of them had shown us their photo albums and chatted with us. Lena spoke most, b/c I, of course, do not know enough Russian yet, except to say hello, my name are you! We had a wonderful time meeting these girls who were all about 16. Lena gave them her number and told them they were welcome to come visit us today. Two of them are coming!!! They just called Lena and said they would come:). How nice that they would want to come see us again. We will go again to their dorm on Monday. I really enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing them again today and Monday too. I pray that they feel very loved when they come see our family.

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