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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hot water---I didn't know it was such a delicacy!!

Ok, so if you have read the blog on mosquitos and cold water, you will know that we didn't have hot water for about 4 came back on for about a day and then it left for about 4 more days...the days run that I am calculating the amount of days without hot water, I don't think I knew at the time it was almost 8 days. So, my missionary self was very much complaining last night to Lena about how miserable it was to go without hot water. What a great attitude, eh? I had to revisit all those great Pastor Brooks teachings on attitude determing my altitude!! Ok, so this morning, I had to have a chat with the Lord and repent for my complaining and selfishness! I was on a terrible roll last night.

Well, lo and behold...last night about 9 or 9:30(after all that emotion expressed)--guess what happened--the Hot water was turned back on!!!!!! Oh what a relief!!!! I hurriedly took a hot shower after Vera was done with hers(when it's hot, it can be really hot!!!---there is a key to balance here!) I can't tell you how much it was sooooo nice to enjoy hot water. So, instead of starting school right away this morning, the girls are taking showers this morning before we start!!! We don't want to waste this good hot water. Are you laughing with me or at me yet????

When Mark woke--he came and told us---the hot water works!!!! It's funny when it comes from the mouth of a child.

So, the scripture about being content in all circumstances comes to have new meaning...I will need to be content EVEN WITHOUT hot water!!! (only with the Lord's grace though is this possible!!). I think next time the hot water goes out, I will just slow down my life and take the time to boil the 3-5 pots of water and enjoy a hot bath and life with out luxuries. I know not having even cold water (like some parts of the world have to endure) is something I think I would need way MORE grace from the Lord to endure. So, I will praise the Lord with hot water and with out it! Pray that I can actually put this into practice if I need to!!! I pray that Lena does not have to endure my complaining either. No hot water is "suffering" for her too!

I will keep everyone posted, but as of right now, life is nice---WE HAVE HOT WATER STILL!!!

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