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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mosquitos and Cold Water!!!

The last few days, we have been without hot water but not without mosquitos. You would think that it might be no big deal for us native Texans, but oh no!!! We have finally plugged in somethings into the outlets that are supposed to help kill the mosquitos and still be safe for kiddos. Well, it might be helping, but we need more of them!!! We have only two right now! The kids have one in their room for at night, but we snag it out of their room during the day for the kitchen and living room. Maybe some of it will stay in the air!! We are now going to spray all of us with mosquito repellant and really act like we are camping til it gets cold enough to kill off the mosquitos. Oh, to smell like Off!!!! Don't you wish you were here to hug us!!???

We have lived without hot water for 4's finally back on, but we did boil some water and make some warm bath water for all of us. Are we good at camping or what?

If you want to ask questions, ask...or if you want pictures of something, ask!

Here is a picture of an apartment building next to ours(I took the picture looking out of our window of our balcony!)...looks similar to ours...well, all the apartments look similar to me. I haven't brought our camera out doors yet!


Nicole S said...

I love reading about life in Russia!
I miss seing you guys around church.
Hope all is well


Kay said...

I read the title and thought, 'Wait a minute. They didn't go through Hurricane Ike. How come THEY have cold water and mosquitos?"

How's that for being self-absorbed? :)

Glad all is going well (except for the cold water and mosquitos, of course). Keep on posting. It definitely makes it all more real for us spoiled Americans... :)

amelia said...

Jon has lots of stories about russia and mosquitoes! i can't even imagine--i often wonder why God made them--except to be food for birds.