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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Birthday!! and YOUR Part in it!

Ok, my lovely Aunt Mary gave me an idea! She sent me birthday wishes! She said they might enjoy cake in my honor! So, my birthday is tomorrow Sept 30th!! Since I cannot be with any of you to celebrate---you can eat a piece of chocolate, cake, pie, cookie, have a cup of tea or coffee or anything in my stead and send me a picture of you doing it! I will post what I get from people on a blog!!! If you don't have my email...just leave me a comment and we will try to arrange something...I don't want to post my email to make it public.

Oh, and I share my birthday time with my beautiful neice Mary Claire--September 29th and my friend's little girl Chloe---Sept. 30th., and a few others happy birthday to these two beautiful girls and more!!!

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Patty Wysong said...

I'll go eat a double fudge cookie just for you. ;) (it's breakfast here, so that'll give me a good excuse to have my favorite breakfast: cookies!! LoL)

Happy Birthday! Hope you have/had a WONderful day!!!