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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our humble abode!

Ahhhh....Pictures at last--so you can picture us here:).

This is our entrance way...see all the shoes. Russians take their shoes off at the door and keep on socks or put on slippers. That is our front door(well, our second out of three!).
This is our room...yep, it's pretty small:), but it works. Lena's room is the same size...but I didn't take a picture of it. We still have one suitcase at the back of our room that needs to go out to the balcony...someday. This is the first door on the right of the entrance hallway.
This is a short hallway to the kitchen...the last door is the toilet room---yep, the toilet is not part of the bathroom. The door closest in the picture is the bathroom where the shower/tub and sink and washer is. Yep, it's all in there!! Not much standing room, but it works!
Our kitchen! Our beautiful kitchen table...that seats six, but we put 8 around it! HA!! This is my only source of opportunity as my father would put it!!This is a picture to show how we have hidden our dryer in the kitchen behind the door to the kitchen and perfectly in the corner. I will post later about how the dryer works...very different than what I am used to using, but it's great---Thanks to Nancy's church for buying it for the apartment!!
Our little stove...awesome to cook with gas! Makes me think of my have to click a button and blow on it to light for about two of the burners. Gas is included in the rent of the it doesn't cost anything extra. Too bad our washer and dryer are electric.

Matthew enjoying something!
Our living room! The first door on the left of the entrance hallway. The kids are doing school. This is where Vera and the other two girls(when we actually get more kiddos) sleep. The pink chair folds to a twin and the sofa is a sofa bed.
The longest shoe horn we have ever seen! Random picture.
I will post a picture of the kids room later, but that's about all for our apartment...remember it's about 7-800 sq feet.


4sofar said...

Wow, what a place! You've made it home regardless and I love it! I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing well. We miss you already. Let me know when you get your satellite working so you can teach preschool via satellite for me!! :) Love you guys!

Ali said...

Great Pictures, seems very cozy! You guys are going to develop great memories for the kids and grow stronger as a family!
Way to go on Skype and getting the laptop fixed!

Patty Wysong said...

Thanks for the pictures! It's amazing what you can do in such small spaces isn't it?

The Sparks Circus said...

What a great adventure! You guys looks so happy, I can't wait until you post more. We miss you and co-op is just not the same without you!

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Nicole S said...

I love it!!!
It looks cozy.
I hope you all are doing great take care!!

Annie said...

I am so envious of you - I'd love to live in Russia. And this is not so bad! It is actually a nice looking and spacious apartment comparatively. It was an eye-opener to me to find out that the children in the orphanage don't really have it "that bad" in terms of their environment, when I visited the apartments of my very well-educated friends, whose environment was no better.