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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well, We made it:)

We have arrived. Our flight went great! The kids did awesome, except Matthew didn't sleep except for the first few hours. The rest he was up---until the last leg(first leg is the long 9 1/2 hours) Then, we have a lay over---the last 5-10 minutes he had a melt down, while we were boarding. He was so sleepy, he was standing, but not really---so, I had my purse(heavy), my camera bag, and one carry one, and I picked him up so he could sleep. Which he did--right away. In the middle of the two and 1/2 hour flight, he woke up crying ---like he had an upset stomach. So, we did the benadryl , upset stomach medicine and John got him to sleep on him. He didn't do very well through customs---maybe a blessing--they put us at the front and wisked us through---they couldn't take the crying either!!

After he got into the car to go to our apartment, he slept for over 14 hours. This is great, but right now, he is just now going to sleep---it's midnight here!!! So, let's just say--he is not fixed yet.

Ok, so, our apartment is great--very small--but very nice on the inside. As Melissa put it---it's the shortest house!! I thought that was too cute.

John went to Ikea today and bought a futon for the kids(we have a bunk bed already). He even got one HALF OFF!!! Funny, Daddy still has his skills in Russia for "a deal!" He left the house at 11am to go to IKEA(1.5 hours of traveling away) and to the computer store to fix our dead computer screen--it had travel issues too!!...he didn't get back til 6pm! We ate dinner at 10pm
This is not a habitual thing thankfully.

Just in case you were wondering---we are normal people and we are emotional---send on those prayers for grace:)


The Sparks Circus said...

OHH I am so glad you made it, we are getting ready to start co-op tomorrow, man I will miss you. I will keep check back, you have my email?

Ali said...

Glad you guys made it okay! Sounds like some trip!

perrinministries said...

Concerning Matthew, been there, done that; except that Emma threw up all over herself and everything near her as we were landing in Frankfurt. It's a sort of rude awakening to missions work.

Sometimes it makes you wonder if it's even worth it, or if you've made a huge mistake. Let me clear that up for you... it is and you haven't!

We're so proud of you guys! Hang in there... it gets easier. You and your kids will adjust to the time difference, the language barrier, the culture and the new kids around the house soon enough.

We're praying for you and we believe in you!
Jon & Robin

Jenny said...

Wow! Can't wait to hear more of the exciting Russian tales. We are praying!

Patty Wysong said...

Hooray!! and I agree, maybe Matthew's meltdown in customs was a blessing! LoL So glad you like your short apartment! (too cute!)

Kay said...

Congrats!! You made it!! So happy for you and can't wait to hear more as you get settled in.

Loved the part about John going to IKEA. I know that they have stores everywhere, but somehow that seemed to make everything a little more familiar. :)

Love you!

Carol Self said...

I'm with Kay! Ikea is right down the street so you can't be that far away! Time to get settled in and on with the mission!