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Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's warm today!!

Today, I woke up and checked the temperature hoping for no single digits. I know my mindset has changed when...I saw the temperature and thought...oh, great! it's going to be warm today!! The temperature said 21!!!!!!! hahahahha!!! Really, who would have thought this Texan/Lousiana girl could say that 21 sounded warm!!! Well, compared to 3, it is!!! Now, it's almost midnight and it's a whoppin' 32 degrees!!! Wow!!! It's hot! Back in Texas...we would hope for school closings at this point!! Funny!

Now the only bad thing about this is...when it's 32 in the city we are in--here in's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUDDY!!!!

All the snow is melted, but the sand that people put down to keep the snow from freezing is all dirty and wet!! Oh, gross! I can say that I have NEVER in my entire life seen so much mud!!!

On a different note, we do finally have a young mom and her daughter living with us. Please pray with us that the Lord guides all of our steps and we listen to Him alone for our direction---we are needing a lot of that in regards to this young mom's life situation! They are both really sweet!


Nina in Portugal said...

It's been in the freezing temps here lately too. Last Friday it snowed. First time in almost 30 years!! I told me daughter tonight as we were walking, very briskly I might add, to the car after church that I think we moved to the wrong country accidentally. Cause I thought we were moving to northern Portugal, 10 minutes from the beach....

Oh wait a minute...we did move there....but It's much colder than I expected!! Yikes!! We can see our breath inside our home!! Somethings not right about that!

Mary said...

Great picture of y'all. I'm glad it is warming up. Did you get your heat and hot water back?