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Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on New student...

Just so that you know what happens in our lives on a daily is a synopsis.
Tuesday Night: Olya came over talked to us about the family home, but did not stay the night---will come tomorrow.
Wednesday: Didn't come but texted Lena(who then texted us) that she would come tomorrow at noon.
Thursday: Didn't come and let someone know that she didn't have the 40 rubles(less than $2) to come the Houston group was going to drop by with 40 rubles and see what she did with it.
Friday: Still hasn't come or called...we were supposed to go to an art studio with her tonight, but have decided not to bring her but to wait for the older people art studio(if she shows up).

Ok, so there's our rollercoaster!!! This is why I shared our info on Tuesday b/c I knew the adventure would be fun to write about! It's still not over and she isn't here. Will keep you posted.

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