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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miracle Grow for Me!!

Today I was able to see a dear friend Lucya, who is back in the city--for now. She told me that She and our friend Pam always would check out my blog together back in Siberia and felt encouraged after doing so. So, what can a few words do??? Those few words made my day!

You know the book called Five Love Languages by Gary Smalley? Well, there is one love language in this book that describes me perfectly---it's Words of Encouragement. I thrive on them and I strive to give them. I love positive words of affiirmation(of course, sincerity is a must!). It's like they are miracle grow for my spirit, soul and body! So, I was so thrilled to hear of my friends in Siberia reading my blog!!!

Do you know what your love language is? These are the ones listed in the book that I mentioned...
Acts of Service(John-my hubby)
Words of Encouragement(Me)
Physical Touch
Gifts---yep, receiving and giving gifts(this is my second one, I think--maybe tying with Acts of Service?)
Quality Time

Which one are you? You don't have to be just one...I just know I am not two of them...the rest are definites for me...but in a ranking order.

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