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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A new found church! A new season for us.

We have been attending a Russian speaking church since we have arrived in September, but as of the Sunday after tomorrow we will be attending an English speaking church--International one actually. We were going to our Russian church last Sunday when we ran into a few different people at the metro who were attending an International church. They invited us and we said--Sure, why not! So, we went. We had been thinking since before leaving for Finland that we might need to go to a different church, but didn't know where. The pastors of this Int'l church are from America, but speak Russian and our kids just loved it! The Boys are in one class together and the girls are in another together. We are making the official switch next week. We loved our Russian church, and maybe we were there only for a season, but we feel for a few reasons that we are to move to this International church now. I will go with Matthew tomorrow(as the rest of the family will be with a "Houston" mission team--we think) and bid our farewell to a couple dear Russian friends.


Ed Marcontell #71 said...

Hi Karen,
I'm just catching up on your blog. I have recently created a Facebook page and I am going to create a Higher Dimensions Group page to try to find old members from 1986-94. I have been scanning pictures from all the scrapbooks we made. Too cool! I want everyone to give a testimony about their experience in Higher Dimensions and where the Lord has them now. I love FACEBOOK!

I was wondering if you had a Facebook page (if not, can you make one, please). My Facebook is Betty Breaker Marcontell -- e-mail is -- Add me as a friend.

Chat with you soon.

Elizabeth said...

When I found a church family, it was a turning point for me. I hope that it will bring good connections for you as well!