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Monday, July 21, 2008

Current information...LOI, House...

I feel like I am always updating this blog...but it seems like I don't post as much!! Don't forget to check the updates on the side--if you are interested:). There is also a map that shows where all the visitors on this blog are from:).

So, we have re-read our email about getting our LOI's(invitations from Russia) and we are thinking that we might have read them incorrectly--when we expected the LOI's at our door by today. I am checking into this, but what a bummer to realize this yesterday. How could we have read it this way before---things that make you go hmmmmmm. So, we are thinking they should be ready by today--when they will be Fed-Exed to our door--good question! Hopefully, this week!

Yesterday, we saw some friends that have just gotten married and are heading overseas again to return to the mission field. They are our age, and they have been in the mission field for over 10 years! When talking to them, our plight seems very similar. Russia is not the only country that closes the doors from time to time. When asking them what their plan was, they said---Well, we have a month tourist visa and we will go and work on a way to stay longer--Wow, that sounds familiar!!! Most people must look at us as strange that we don't know how long we can stay, but yesterday, we had friends that did understand:), yet we all look at each other as if to say---What, you don't know??? Even with similar situations, it seems hard to trust when you don't comprehend.

Other news, our house has some interested people:), we heard this info last night at about 9pm! We are possible going to have an offer soon. What's the hesitancy...we have had some one say this before, and nothing happened. We do trust God and believe He has this whole situation in His we wait. But, oh how exciting!!

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