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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


(this is not a picture of my friend's garden--I didn't bring my camera-:( )
Yesterday, my kids and I went to visit a friend of ours "in the country" about an hour a way from us. She lives in a beautiful home on acreage that is family land--her in laws live all around--but let me just say--not any where near like in a subdivision--they are about 1/4-1 mile away! She has a beautiful garden at her father in laws property where we went and picked--tomatoes, banana peppers, green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, jalapenos, broccoli and cucumbers--Beth picked those b/c they are prickly!! I didn't know they could be. She also is growing cantaloupes--they were yummy and watermelons too! The garden isn't that much bigger than my kitchen, but they have all of that in the garden!!! Yikes a doodle! It's amazing! She sent me home with two buckets full!!! I'm amazed. I can't wait to do this too someday!

Do you garden? Have you ever picked fresh from a garden? What do you grow or what would you want to grow?

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Dawn said...

I so wish I could have a garden. It's really hard to grow anything over here because of lack of sun and too much rain, but I hope to try some cherry tomatoes in a flower pot next year.