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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Netflix--good options

If you are looking for faith-based movies---Netflix actually has very many of them! I found Belle and the Beast on there and Overcome and many more like Bella(which you can watch immediately on your computer!). They have a free two week trial, if you just want to check it have about 10,000 movies that are available online. Some are ok, most are movies I would suggest only watching through a filter like the one mentioned previously. We use Clear Play and LOVE it. There are still movies that we can't watch through this b/c of the main content...but you have to make your own wise choices.

I just thought I'd pass Netflix on as an option b/c I had no idea that they had so many great Christian titles available.

Here are some that we have watched that we loved the theme or lesson taught.
Facing the Giants
Janette Oke Movies--all of them!
Saving Sarah Cain
Hidden Places
Time Changer
Second Chance...
There are so many more--will try to add more.
Do you like a certain Faith Based Movie---leave a comment!


Dawn said...

That Clear Play link doesn't work...
but do you know if you can use it while watching movies from your computer?

The Herd said...

Sorry about the link...should work now. Nope, they don't have the computer option yet--they are working on it(I think I remember that correctly), but make no promises.

Patty Wysong said...

Have you seen End of the Spear? Great movie! (LoL--even if I am more than just a little biased. *wink*)