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Monday, March 10, 2008

Another book Review!

I love this book and I just wanted to pass this on to anyone that likes to celebrate! It’s called Every Day a Holiday by Silvana Clark. Here’s an example: January 24th is Room of One’s Own Day—my kids share rooms, but tonight they can sleep in any room upstairs that they want to. January 23rd was Game Show Day, the day before was National Pie Day(we made a pie and ate it!!) It gives you great ideas on what to do. My kids favorite is in September: Backwards Day---They talk about it all year!! This year they want to eat dinner in the morning, lunch normal, and breakfast at night. They will turn their clothes inside out too!! It’s fun!!! The whole month of January is national oatmeal month and hot tea month. That's just a sampling of the book's ideas!

(You can get this on for under $7 including shipping.)

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