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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Inspired by my weather friend Lori!

Here's my list to do today: Make mini-bundt cakes with the girls as part of cooking class. Pay a bill or two, finish school for the day--lots of reading, Read/Listen to Little Lord Fauntleroy, Stay inside and finish alllllllll my laundry!!!

UPDATE: Bundt cakes will be postponed. Finished school, going to pay the bill right now, Read LLF, listening to ch. 6 tonight, have done four loads of laundry--still not done though.

Laundry is my main goal today!


The Sparks Circus said...

Karen are you copying me? I have had to do some more laundry than plan, because of a great leak by the front door. HMM Sideways rain doesn't seem to be good on our door.

The Herd said...

Copying is the greatest form of flattery right???? I call it inspiration!

The Sparks Circus said...

didn't say on my blog but we had our rental leak, UGH it started by the door and then started to in the boys closet too. YUCK that crashed my plans but we did paper mache our hindenburg. who thought that project would be fun? OHH yeah me it is just so big, a lot bigger than intended