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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mind words

Have you ever combined two words without realizing it(until it came out of your mouth)? I just got off the phone with John and answered his last statement with "Dool"...I was thinking deal and cool and it came out dool!! What our mind does without us having to put a lot of thought into it!! If this has ever happened to you, let me know...or maybe it's just me thinking way too fast!


Lauren said...

You are so not the only one! David and I do stuff like that all the time and we say "we're too young to be loosing it!" So, I'm glad to hear that you do it, too!

I also switch words around when I talk to fast... like I say, "I have to phone my plug in" rather than "plug my phone in." I've also said something about the "frame in the picture" rather than the "picture in the frame." LOL.

Lauren said...

Just wanted to let you know how I got my blog to 3 columns... I googled 3 column blogger templates, and went to this website (copy and paste it into your browser) and downloaded the dots... you'll lose whatever you have on your blog (other than posts), but I was willing to do that...

So, I downloaded the template I wanted to my computer, then I went to the edit HTML, and uploaded that template from my computer. I think the website I gave give step-by-step instructions.

Hope that works!