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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Any suggestions

I have been told lately that I must be busy!! Well, sorta(is that even a word??). But, really, I can't pack too much with our house being on the market and wanting to keep tidy. I still have to live..but does anyone have any thoughts on how to pack and still keep the needed things out ??? Or, do I just go to paper products??? I am thinking about getting our winter things packed---b/c obviously we don't need them HERE in 100 degree plus weather!!!
So, does anyone have any ideas? We are getting a storage unit for a few things, but that's like a bed and we won't be getting it until about a week before we leave. Boy, that week is getting packed by the moment!! So, thoughts, advice???


The Pruett Family, written by Amy said...

Hey! I was reading up on your blog & thought I would throw in 2 cents :) If you have planned on keeping things to come back to, then I would pack it up with the exception of a place setting for each. Maybe a large bowl & any kitchen appliance you rely on daily. Then everything else, pack it. Pack all but what you would take with you. Wear those clothes & it will be that much easier when time to go. It may be really cold there? If that be the case pack your suitecases with the clothes you would pack to go, then leave a small amount of clothes for until you leave. Just a thought. The more you get rid of now, and sort out - the easier it will be when all the emotions catch up with you right before you leave. Just my thoughts ;)

Kay said...

I agree with Amy. Start packing up everything you don't need currently. I would even pack up dishes (if you've got everything else done that you can) and go with paper plates and pizza.

So far as keeping everything tidy I'm wondering how much you can hide in closets, garage, etc. But, I would think that people looking at your house at this late date would have to understand some amount of boxes hanging around.

Praying for peace and wisdom and multiplication of time. Go to sleep tonight and just trust you'll get everything you need. I'd be willing to bet you'll wake up tomorrow with just the right idea about where to start. Thinking of that scripture about 'He gives to His beloved even in their sleep.'

Love you and proud of you.