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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What do I do these days??

  • I have a four page long to-do list--it's not as intimidating as that--it's on a long skinny note pad.

  • Today, I have changed mailing addresses for some bills that won't stop til we are gone.

  • We are talking with the realestate agent about what to do with the house. Still for sale.

  • I divided out the dress up clothes that the kids wanted to take with them and the g-sale items.

  • I've packed a box of books(almost threw John's back out picking it up-haha!--not really--he's strong!!

  • We have packed 3 large suitcases of winter clothes and such.

  • I've packed away to store my cookbooks.

I know I do more than that...but you get the idea. Plus, I want you to read my post not get tired of long posts-ha!


Lisa said...

Is it kind of mind-blowing to think about needing deep winter clothes? I never know what to pack when we go up to Minnesota for Christmas, because our stuff is just woefully inadequate for the temperatures! How cold does it get in Russia?

Ginger said...

I'm so sad that I missed you the other day! I can't imagine how it happened, but we sure missed seeing you all! :(