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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two weeks from today--we head out...

It's hard to even type that. I had a melt down last night, but I made it through and thankfully John survived too. My question is---where will I go in Russia if I have a melt down??? On the balcony!!! We will be on the ninth floor--so it will be a true balcony!!! Yes, this is a hard move and exciting and more all in one. When you follow the Lord's direction--it's not always a smooth path that is always fun and happy. But, it is always Joy filled--b/c in His presence there is fullness of joy---and we need to stand and lean on that joy which is our strength!

It does help that my friends in Thailand and Germany have walked here before!! I am so happy for that help!!
We have packed 6 suitcases so far and have about the same about to go or more!! Crazy! I keep thinking---we have tooooooo many they might be donated(some of them) to those that need more when we get there! It is amazing to me how blessed God has made us. We have been handed down so many clothes over the years that we truly have not felt the clothing need as much as should be expected.

What are we doing this last couple of weeks with the kiddos????---having lots of play dates with their friends!!! They have loved it!!!

God be with all of you!!


Patty Wysong said...

Wow! I just put that date on my calendar so I can be praying.

...praying for future harbors when meltdowns happen, too. Isn't it wonderful to KNOW that God is forever faithful?!!

perrinministries said...

Meltdowns happen because we are human, and because we don't deal with our stress positively. It's not a pretty sight, and we feel really stupid afterward, but welcome to the real world. Robin and I had a few at this stage as well. Hang in there... we believe in you!
Jon & Robin

The Herd said...

Jon and Robin--so perfectly stated about meltdown--sure did feel pretty stupid after, during...we are hanging in there!