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Thursday, August 21, 2008

If I don't post for awhile....

Ok, time is crunched...God is my only day-stretcher---I need to pray for length of days!!! I feel a bit like I need the 36 hours in a day that researchers say we need to get everything we do done. We are preparing for a g-sale, packing, packing our kids to go see g-parents next week, and just sold our washer and dryer...and refrigerator(but this hasn't gone yet--Tuesday it is picked up!!). Thankfully, my friend Sarah said I could do laundry at her house!!! Oh, we are also trying to sell our house--it will go to sale/lease on Monday if some miracle buyer doesn't show up before then!!! Deep breath....ahhhhh...So, you see, we are busy--haha--that's an understatement. Oh, I forgot---our van is leaving us on Saturday---thankfully, we have found wonderful buyers for that...but I need to get the van cleaned before tonight!

Not too busy for a party though---we have a party for John's work tonight!! IF you think---what should I pray for---we would love prayer to remember to do all the things in time that we need to do!!

We have a wonderful friend that just informed us of where to go if we need medical help in Russia!! So nice to know ahead of time. I even have the address and phone number of the place!!! Ahhhhh---a big relief!!!

Ok, that's all for now--may not post for a couple of days--but I wanted to keep you all informed of what we are doing while we are not posting!!!


Kay said...

Whew. That's a lot, my friend! Sure wish I lived closer. I'd definitely be at your house helping you pack and clean and move. Of course, then there would be SEVEN kids in your house, so maybe that wouldn't be such a big help after all...

So, I guess the only help I can give is from afar. So, take a moment while you read this. Pretend I'm sitting there with you with a cup of tea or coffee. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Know that you are surrounded by love and that you have ALL that you need. There is no lack in God's economy, only abundance. Know that I love you and am soo proud of you. And then know that God's love and pride is so much deeper than that.

You're doing it, my friend. You are making it happen, through all the baby steps and logistics and melt downs and excitement, YOU ARE DOING IT! :)

Patty Wysong said...

Praying here!!