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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our weekend!

  • Shop for last minute items and take advantage of sales and no tax
  • Share our Russian vision in our Sunday school class tonight and tomorrow morning!!!
  • Made our power point for our presentation--with music!!--last night.
  • Had a date!!! Thanks to Abby for babysitting!--last night
  • Katie went to a b-day party!--last night
  • Cousins are coming over today!
  • Going out to eat with very dear friends tonight after our class!!!
  • Home group--last one:(
  • Eye Dr. appointment for me

Boy, our weekend is packed! We are getting our last things done this week before our big garage sale next Saturday! We are seeing how time flies. John says that he goes to work and looks up and it's already 4pm! He leaves around 6pm to come home! These are the last days in America for awhile:( and :).

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