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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Ok, here are a few updates:
We are expecting to get our visas in the mail this week!

We just got our ticket prices for leaving on the 2nd of September and it was more than a thousand dollars cheaper than a month ago's prices. We prayed the night before they came on an email and I asked the Lord for a certain price and they are a few(I think about 80!) dollars under that!!! Amazing--thank you Jesus!! Thank you also to Amy from Thailand for your advice to not hurry the date and buy the tickets!!! It's so nice to have friends in Thailand and Germany and more that have been through this and can advise from their experience!

Our house--the offer did not, we wait and pray and trust! More details as we know them later.

Thanks for the continued prayers---we really need them.
Ideas to pray for : health here and in Russia, easy travel's a long flight, strong marriage, strong family, love for the kids that will live with us.

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