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Sunday, August 10, 2008

How am I holding up?

I have a dear friend --Kay--that asked me how I am holding up--so, I am honest---I am very very emotional about this move to Russia. I think what is getting to me now is that we only have 3 weeks and a day left here. This makes me see how fast time has flown over the last year and a few months since we decided to move to Russia. I am going to take my friend Amy's advice and do more this week than the last week I have left...just so I can make this easier emotionally the last week. Another point of reality is John has 10 more days of work left! Yikes! He will be taking the last week off to help tie loose ends up.

My thoughts go to how much I will miss my family and friends and how much they will feel our departure. Sometimes I talk to the Lord about how His calling us as people isn't easy for the people that we know and love. It doesn't just affect us, it will affect all the people we hold dear to our heart. That does not make it easier to follow the Lord's path, but I know the Lord cares about everyone who is involved in our lives and will take care of them just as much as He takes care of us. I pray that the Lord will prepare them(I probably have prayed that more than I pray for me to be prepared). I know it's harder for the ones left behind than for those who move. It will be hard---I am a home-body from birth!!! And, yes, home is the USA for now. I am sure I will feel some of these feelings when the Lord has us return home to the US about Russia being our temporary "family". That will be a hard thing too, but I don't need to worry about "tomorrow" for today has it's own problems.

No movement on the house...still on the market.
That's all for now.

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JessicaHall said...

your doing great. I so wish things could be easier and less complicated for you. I will miss you and be praying for you!! ((HUGS))