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Monday, November 9, 2009

Elema Update

John has continued to work with Sergei out at Elema.  They had to dig 28 holes about 1 meter deep--as in John can hop into the hole and stand in it up to his neck.  Then, they have to add blocks(that weigh about 50 lbs each) and stack them so that they form an even foundation.  As they observed, water seeps into these holes quickly from beneath and they have to remove the water before adding the bricks.  When they drop the first block into the holes, they literally run for cover as the mud sprays in all directions.  Thankfully, Sergei hired other guys to help work on the project.  They are from a local Christian rehab center and are in the process of straightening out their lives.  The guys from the rehab dug most of the holes and are finishing up the project.  John said when Sergei would talk with them, they would so intently listen, like they hung on every word.  Sergei has a heart of faith in the Lord!  It's inspiring--thankfully, he speaks English and John can benefit from their communication!  By the way, the twins are thriving and I hope to have more pics soon!

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Mary said...

That's really cool!