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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lunch Time!!!

.  Today, I was talking to Mark about where his dad is right now as we were reading our History lesson about Christopher Columbus coming over from Europe.  I was telling him that Daddy was in Europe right now.  Mark looked at me and said--"No, He is in Lunch!" " What??"  I said and then realization dawned on me---John was in Hungary--and Mark got that linked with LUNCH!!  Well, of course!!!  Aren't you hungary when you eat Lunch????  Gotta work on the boy's geography!!


Jen said...

I am laughing so hard right now! That is awesome! I love kids perspectives!

Isn't that meme great!? I would love to win all that goodness!

Emmanuel said...

I love Marks opinion!!!

Dani Joy said...

hahaha!! LOL!!! hahahah!!!

I am still giggling! this is one for the books! It makes perfect sence!!

Thanks for sharing your moment.

Dani Joy

Elizabeth said...

That's funny! I was teaching the names of countries recently, and even my adult students had a little chuckle over "Hungary."