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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hangin' on for Tomorrow!!!

So, today, we asked John's tutor to help us find out why we don't have water.  She talked to our landlord, who asked her to go ask a downstairs neighbor.  John remembered seeing the water spillage along the third floor wall, so they went there and lo and behold there was a note taped to the door handle-- you would have to take the note off- if you were going into the apartment.
The note went something like this...A water pipe burst in your flat---please contact us at....---if we don't hear from you in TEN days, we will break into your flat and fix it.

So, I said--well, it might not be until next week...Saturday --the water went off---John looks at me and says, NOPE, it's worse----The note was dated TOMORROW!!!!!  Did you read that!!???  Tomorrow!!!  So, ten days from tomorrow is the most we have to endure the tub dishes!!! YIKES!  Well, that's Russia for you!  Write a note that is dated tomorrow and put it on the door today---so all the people above the third floor don't have water in their kitchen on our side of the building.  AND---John left today for a 9 day trip to Eastern Europe---He's been great---did everything to help me out so I would have an easier time while he was away.  Pray for all of us!

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