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Monday, November 9, 2009

Washing Dishes in the Largest Sink Ever!!

Well, now we have a washing machine that works, so I do not have to do my clothes in the tub anymore, but I do have to use the tub for dishes.  On Saturday morning, our water in the kitchen was a trickle then nothing!!!  No water, except in the bathroom--and thank God we do have it there!!  I have the largest sink ever!!!  It's not so bad except for the toting back and forth, but think positive---I might have to tote to a river if I didn't live in a city!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I was actually afraid to read this post! But I'm glad you're thinking positively! :) I guess you could always use disposable dishes...although I guess it's not that great for the environment. I would probably draw water from the bathtub and wash the dishes in the sink. Never had to do it, though...