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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We aren't in Kansas anymore!!

This is what I said today as I drove down the newly paved road---no, they didn't level the part from the old to the new, so you have to drive really slowly over or up the small ledge.  There were some of these steam rollers to my right rolling right along...nothing separating me from them other than my brain and nerves!!!  This picture shows how streets are worked on in America...they seem to take the whole road, except for one lane, and they block it off with every barricade they can find.  Not here, they work while you drive.  I must say I was ecstatic that they were even working on the road---most roads just have the pot holes barricaded, but not fixed, in the middle of the have to be on your guard ALWAYS!!  But, today, they were fixing both sides of a 4-6 lane road---you see, not all lanes are marked, so unless you see the turn signs, you really don't know how many lanes are there.  People just make their lane where they want, park where they want, and do what they want and hope they aren't pulled over for money, oh, I mean a ticket!!! No,really, it's more common to have to pay a "fine" than to get a ticket.  Ok, my traffic post for the day is done!!!  Home safe and sound from my trip to the g-store with the kids----Oh, how I don't like to shop without John when I have the kiddos!  Today, everyone was there!!!!

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Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :-) It's been so great to "meet" other missionaries through the Candle project!

I really enjoyed reading some posts (this one on traffic had me smiling -- we don't have the same issues but others equally challenging) and also looking at your art website.

I'll be back when I have more time :-)