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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surviving without John---counting the days till his return

We have been surviving without John--barely---he's at a Pastor's conference---nope, we aren't Pastors, but nevertheless he is there!  He heard a message that was confirmation of where we are in our spiritual walk--waiting!   Sometimes, we need those confirmations and now is one of those times.

I drove to church for the first time today---John usually drives and let me just say--I like it that way!  He is great with directions and nerves and other crazy drivers.  Really--Drivers here are very interesting.  I think the ones that probably bribed their teachers to pass the test, maybe the most interesting!  My friend Sue prayed for me before I left---so glad for someone to do that!  I was pretty nervous about remembering a particular turn I had to make--seems when John takes it, I look up and don't realize he ever did!!  Well, I know why now...there's no other way to go!!  Shew!!!  We made it and everyone is safe now.  Now, I just have to survive the week of driving to school.  If you want to pray for me, I am welcoming allllllll prayers please!  The kids are doing well...missing their daddy--especially when mommy gets turned around!!!

To add to this list...we have a flat---I think I could cry now!  (not like I didn't feel like it already!!)
UPDATE---flat is fixed--thanks to Sergei!! and We have kitchen water now!!!  Much better now...


Mary said...

I will pray! Good to see you and the kids today. Let me know if you find a turkey this year. I am interested in baking one.

Kristen said...

My first time visiting- we have a heart for Russia too. Enjoyed reading your blog!

John said...

Hang in there, Baby!