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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giving Ideas

This is a book that one of my friends recommended us reading.  Its title intimidated me when I saw it on the shelf--before Alisa told us about it.  I don't like it when people try to show inadequacies in the Bible--and by the title and reading nothing else, that's what I thought it was about.  I was WRONG!  Thankfully, Alisa set me straight and we bought the book at paperbackswap .
We brought it over to Russia with us this trip and John tackled it first and finished.  I am still tackling...about halfway through or more.  Its very challenging, so if you read it, know this --up front!!!

All that to say the book explains the need for Christians to help those in need.  This world is full of them and it's a bit(no, really a lot!!) overwhelming if you think about helping everyone.  But, we need to be faithful to help in our part---so What is our part? 
Most people  will say---oh, my budget is full, I don't have anything extra to give--but perhaps we do, we just don't see it yet.  I am speaking to myself, where is my extra that I can give?  I have some idea where it could come from(God's pretty clever about giving us ideas when we ask for them!)...but do you have ideas for where you go without to give to those who are without.   Sometimes, we need help from others to see our "extras"

These are some ways I have seen others give: 
a friend did a giveaway to raise money through her blog,
people we know asked for their Christmas gift from us to go to the needy--by giving to their church missions.
giving away something of your own to someone who likes it, but might not be able to buy it.
giving toward a cause in lieu of a gift
trimming down Christmas gifts and using the gift money to give else where.

Any ideas ????

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