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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peanut Soup Night!

We are priveleged to attend church with some fantastic African med students!  The Bull herd has never been to Africa but we have great friends that are from many different parts of this wonderful continent.  We learned of a great food from there while we were in Finland staying with friends that were missionaries there.  PEANUT SOUP was the dish they told us about.  So, when we met our church friends, we asked them about this dish!  They love it and knew how to make it, so we asked if they would come over and cook it for us.  We asked of the ingredients to know what to have on hand and they came over and had fellowship with us and the Wii!!  It was great fun and sooooo tasty!  Thanks Frank- for cooking it, Emmanual---for overseeing the cooking, and Daniel for entertaining John and the kids with the Wii!  We love all of you and welcome you all in our home anytime!!


Jen said...

Yea!! Africa! I've never had peanut soup though! Hmmm...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This Candle In The Corner is so fun! I love getting connected with everyone through this!

So small world! My husband and I did DTS and SOE in Tyler. We are both from TX, too! I love YWAM. Are you guys with YWAM in Russia or someone else?

The Herd said...

Nope, not YWAM--Stoneworks---it's state side organization that basically helps others follow the Lord's call to missions.

Dani Joy said...

OH my, Karen, I wrote you a whole huge comment the other day and it´s not here. I am so sorry!!!

Please send me your e mail address to danijoy2spain@gmail and I will get you going on the Christmas Crunch.

Lovely pictures! love your widget on the translation and learning the Russian language! how cool!
Dani JOy

Mary said...

Is that corn bread i spy on the table?

Tiqvah said...

As an MK from West Africa, who is currently teaching homeschoolers about Russia, it was fun to find a reference to my favorite food on your blog!