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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Does anyone out there paint? With Acrylic Paint

I am getting rid of more stuff---it's amazing how much stuff I have accumulated!!! So, does anyone out there share my love for painting? I have a some paint, a painting instruction book, a video and some other painting paraphenalia(sp?)...let me know if you are interested in this? If you live near me, you could just pick this stuff up. If you live far away...we could arrange shipment...if you would be willing to pay $5 in shipping to paypal. If it's more, I 'll cover the extra. It's not in perfect condition and the paints are used, but they are there!! I love painting on canvases...I'll try to put some pictures of some of my art on here sometime soon. It's not for sale, unless of course you want to offer a price! HAHA!

I also love love love to if you like Christian fiction and you like a certain author, don't hesitate to ask if I have them. I am a member of where you trade books in the mail---I love it!! You could go on there and check out my books. I have a link on my facebook account if you are interested.


Lauren said...

You're on facebook? Friend me! If you search Lauren Brown, I'm in the Stetson Alum network, as well as Orlando.

Lauren said...

Just looked, there are over 500 Lauren Brown's that come up... entering Lauren Riley Brown would make me MUCH easier to find!