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Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Favorite Things!!

My friend Julie, who is about to become a mother of six--adding three to her current three, tagged me and others to do a list---so you get to learn more about us now. Katie went with her type of favorite's...b/c oh, the list, if you had to pick three from everything! The other kiddos picked out of everything, not prompted at all--well, maybe Matthew was a little!!

My favorite things:
1. Favorite color: RED---the deeper apple red!!
2. Favorite past times: reading and cooking--nope, couldn't pick just one!
3. Favorite place to relax: Outside alone!!!

Hubba's list:
1. Favorite food: Beans (whole or any variation). They are like a mullet, all business in the front and all party in the back.
2. Favorite vacation spot: Cold and in the mountains. With fair skin, I've not really gotten into looking like a lobster on the beach.
3. Favorite sport: Aggie Football. I will go out of my way to watch every game I can.

Katie's list
1. Favorite color: "I only have two" baby blue and pink
2. Favorite animal: dog (we don't care if they are not so smart:) )
3. Favorite time of day: evening--"I get to play with my neighbor."

Melissa's list
1. Favorite food: Pizza--mind you, we don't have this a lot!
2. Favorite animal: kitten
3. Favorite thing about school is: MATH--boy, is she my daughter or what(I didn't even put her up to the topic!!)

Mark's list
1. pets
2. favorite toy: "pet toys"
3. cheese

Matthew's list
1. pets---pronounced "pettus"
2. God
3. Bob the builder

So, now you all are tagged if you so choose to follow our example! Ali and Jenny, Lauren, Tori, Kay, Lori(although your daughter in law has already tagged you...I will put this link, Ginger--you have already done the list, but I will include a link just for fun, Hannah and Jessica! If I missed anyone...just leave a comment and I will have to add you to my "favorites" list of blogs to check during the week.


Ginger said...

You don't strike me as a rebel, but you just couldn't follow the rules, now could ya? See, I do read your blog?!!

The Herd said...

YEAH! She came and left a comment! And what rules!?