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Thursday, May 29, 2008

VISA status

Just a little note on where we are: still trusting, trying, praying...
These are the options that we are trying some avenues and throwing out some lines to see what God would do:
job--we actually have a relative that has contacts in St. Peter for a possible job opportunity---didn't find this out til after student visas were denied. John has sent his resume in to our relative.
different school--there are other language schools and you can reapply...possible option...have contacted school, but they have not replied back from our email Monday night.
apply for a year visa knowing that with the Lord---NOTHING is impossible...we plan to do this with the Russian consulate in about two weeks.

We still believe that this is what the Lord has for us to we are not giving up. We know that our timing is not always the same as the Lord's...we are open to His will...but are still thinking this summer is when He wants us to go.

I was told last night that I had a positive attitude---I laughed...this is a week after all this happened. Last week was not so fun for us!


Anonymous said...

You are an encouragement. - Hubba

JessicaHall said...

Incrediable. On so many levels.

Lauren said...

what a great idea!