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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More about me....

What I was doing 10 yrs ago:

May 1998 - We just ended our service in the Extreme Singles group(John and I felt our season had ended) took off after that!! Hmmm...God or what? Just finished my second year teaching...May was the month before I was pregnant for the first time.

Five things on my to do list for today:

Call Roofer for completed roof receipt for insurance
Call Mimi
Empty Dishwasher(I do this almost everyday, sometimes twice, but I listed it!)
Print labels for our first newsletter--if you want a copy--let me know:)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Go to Russia and pay for my family to come visit. Fund fund fund a lot more freer with my "grocery" budget.

Three of my bad habits:

Just three! Ha!
Saying too much
Acting off of my emotions
Picking at hang nails when I have them and the skin around them.

Five jobs I have had:

Chiropractic Assistant--thanks Arthur--ahem--Dr. Cornett for my first real job!
Clerk at Things Remembered
Junior High Teacher for four years
Florist--owned my own business called Lily of the Valley and I made floral arrangements
Pampered Chef Lady:)

Now it's your turn!!! Ali and Jenny, Lauren, Tori, Kay, Lori, Hannah and Jessica! If I missed anyone...just leave a comment and I will have to add you to my "favorites" list of blogs to check during the week.

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