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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Subway--mis-communication or anti hs??

I have been told before that I am much like a politician in my writing--saying not so much meaningful things on both sides of the arguement or issue. Ok, so--after this one person stated this, I do find it funny that it might seem this way when I do try to see the meaning behind things and not just the appearance that seems obvious. I don't think that is what politicians do; they might candy coat somethings to change the harshness or importance of the issue they are writing/talking about. THIS IS NOT MY PURPOSE:). The above comment was meant as a slam to me, so don't think that it didn't affect me, but I have not changed how I look at both sides because of the statement. So, here I go, with the "other side of the story" view.

First, let me say, it gets my goat(click the link to see the origin of this statement) when I see people just looking for things to go against---it's definitely not my personality to do this, so, of course, it bothers me:) where it might not bother anyone else!

I don't know if you know it, but the AFA(American Fam. Association--that I agree with most of the time) has sent out some info about Subway having a contest and it being anti-home schooling. Perhaps, just perhaps...Subway is limiting their contest because they would like the grand prize of $5000 of p.e. equipment to go to a larger group than a family(although some families might be very large!). The only way they might have seen to limit this is by saying that home schoolers' applications would not be accepted.

Why not write or contact your local Subway and inquire about their reasoning, rather than blast them without thinking through things? I am a home school mom, but I put a lot of heart/thought into something before boycotting. BUT, even if I boycott, I do write the companies first-- the ones that I am not frequenting(like McDonald's for their gay-rights support, and Walmart when they were proclaiming the gay rights openly by joining certain organizations--Walmart did back down after the boycott---although McD's has written me back and told me that they want to be diverse--well, it doesn't help their arguement when the Vice-pres. is Gay! and okayed the donation of $20000 to a gay rights organization---okay okay, I do go on!!!!)

So, what am I saying?---be wise in your words--don't just be mean:). Ask Subway to open up their contest, if you want them to--even if the grand prize might not be for a family--the rest of the awards could be.

For everyone's curiousity, I am not boycotting Subway, I just wrote them about maybe re-wording the contest and opening up some of it for all schoolers.

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Jackie Bull said...

I wrote them a letter, as well, just asking them what their stand was. Wasn't crazy about the standard email AFA suggested we send, so I rewrote it asking for an explanation and/or confirmation to the accusation (do I sound like Jessie Jackson?) Hee.