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Friday, May 30, 2008

Memory book---

I 've just started my first memory book, inspired by my lovely pastor's wife! This is a binder that contains things that I want to commit to scripture, football facts(haven't added any yet), and more. Mrs. G taught on this topic at a ladies Bible Study and told us how we need to purposely fill our minds with the right kind of thoughts. Have you ever been somewhere and you have nothing to do--waiting for an appointment or waiting for a game to begin...well, pull out the trusty binder and put your time to good use!! I put mine together today!!

First, you need a cute binder (one that you will want to bring with you!) then be creative with the inside...I have some very cute file dividers! My binder is red--one of my very favorite colors! I am thinking that this would be a great thing for our Russian friends that live with us over in St. Peter some day!

One major thing that I have learned from my paster Mr. G is that you never never waste your time thinking about things like---what you could have said in a discussion or arguement---I know I have had conversations like this in my head---for example---I should have said this "...." and that would have really won my side of the battle. Well, that is just wasted time---I have learned to stop those conversations and now I have some idea what I will change my thoughts to!
So, do you have a plan for your thoughts? Romans 12:1-2

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JessicaHall said...

I love, love, love this idea! I Do! Thanks so much for posting this and sparking something with in myself! I'm going to start one too!! You are such an amazing person to look up too. :)